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12 Lips of Xmas - Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme 'Sheer Bare'


For the next 12 days, in the countdown to Christmas I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my latest lip obsessions - Ok so you know how much I LOVE my lip products and I really enjoyed my 'MAC Week of Reds' and my 'Best of Berry' blogposts that I thought this would be a great time for some more Lippie Loving! For Day 1 I bring to you Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation Extreme in 'Sheer Bare'. 


The Lip Inflation Extreme by Sally Hansen was one of those unnecessary American drugstore purchases but I must say I haven't been without it lately. I actually bought this lipgloss because I was celebrating my birthday, feeling old and this took me right back to being in university. My flat mate used to wear this lip gloss all the time and so in that moment it took me right back to getting ready for a night out. I've always loved plumping lip glosses - although I'm not really a gloss kind of girl, if they are plumping I'm on it! 

I expected this lip gloss to tingle on the lips as most the plumping kind do, however this doesn't really do that. It has a Hydro-Collagen Complex that plumps your lips giving you that perfect pout  - It definitely adds a bit of Va Va Voom to a nude lip. The colour is perfect, it's that 'Your lips but better' shade that we every woman needs in her make up bag. It smells and tastes (not that I'm eating it!) of mince pies which is currently making me feel more festive! The best thing of all - It's inexpensive and available at the drugstore. 

I've really found a killer combo with this lip gloss - MAC Spice lip liner, MAC Blankety lipstick and the Sally Hansen gloss on top! I was wearing it in my last video and I've been wearing it since. If you want to see what it looks like on be sure to check out my November Favourites  HERE

Have any of you tried this lip gloss? What are you favourite lip plumbers? Are you a gloss girl? Or do you prefer a lippie like me? 

Check out Sally Hansens Lip Inflation Extreme HERE

Lots of Love


  1. I love the colour and finish of this gloss, it's so pretty! x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  2. I actually have this in my makeup collection and totally forgot!
    Thanks for reminding me :)

    Leeannelle | Fashion and Beauty



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