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The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Shower, Scrub & Moisturise


This is the one time of the year that food really takes over, why not fight the calories and smell of your favourite food instead! I was actually in New York walking past The Body Shop when I first noticed this collection, It was the cute tin that caught my eye and the sweet scent that lured me in.  Ironically when I got home from NYC it was one of the packages waiting for me!

The Ginger Sparkle tin includes a body polish, a shower gel, a body butter and a mini heart shaped soap - A collection of products, perfect for keeping your skin soft and smooth throughout Winter. The Gingerbread set has a really warming and comforting feel to it and is an ideal pampering present for the festive season. The scent is definitely an acquired one, I personally like it - It's sweet but spicy and rich, to me it smells like Christmas!

ALSO this whole gift set is only £17 Such amazing value! Check out the Ginger Sparkle Shower, Scrub & Moisture Collection HERE

you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man! (Couldn't help it!) 

Lots of Love 


  1. Oh man, I love this packaging! How cute is this??? :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Renate from

  2. This looks so cute definitely want to go and give their gingerbread scent a smell now, this looks like the best present and I can't believe how cheap it is! xx Emmi


  3. I love the body shop! I hope to be making a visit this weekend, can't wait!

    Would love to see you do some tag videos on your channel Zara! X

  4. I love The Body Shop's Christmas products! These look so cute :)
    xxElise -

  5. I will definitely be picking this gift set up for myself ;) that scent is too good to resist


  6. I have the home fragrance oil from this range, love the smell!


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