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Nails inc. - 'Porchester Square' Gel Effect Polish


Hey guys sorry I haven't uploaded in a few days it's been a little hectic here in New York! Today is actually my birthday, so just before I head out the door to spend the day and evening celebrating in this awesome city I wanted to do a quick post. Today I'm bringing you another gorgeous nails inc gel effect nail polish this time in the shade 'Porchester Square'. This colour is so beautiful it's almost like a pewter, grey and on the nails it's so fabulous. Colours like this remind of icy evenings and snow - Did I already tell you that it actually snowed here in New York a couple of days ago - Crazy! 



The consistency (as I mentioned in my previous post) is amazing it applies so well to the nails and the finish is (obviously) that high shine, gel- at home salon effect. I really love these nail polishes and know they will be staple colours over the next few months. They last on the nails for ages without chipping - Gotta love that! 

Check out Porchester Square HERE

Lots of Love


  1. This shade is so pretty, toyed with it for so long think I just need to cave and buy it. Love your ring too! xx

  2. What a pretty shade and lovely finish too! x

    Kirsty | Behind These Closed Eyes

  3. Happy birthday Zara! I've wanted this nail polish for so long and I'm even tempted to buy it with this new formulation :p xx Emmi


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