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Kevyn Aucoin - The Creamy Glow 'Liquifuschia' & 'Patrice'


I don't ALWAYS get around to blogging about some of my make up favourites so when I decided to quite literally shop my stash I always surprise myself with some of the little wonders I find. The Creamy Glow by Kevyn Aucoin are the perfect examples of this, they are cream based product that can be used on the cheek and lips. They are so easy and effortless to wear, I usually use them on days where I'm popping on a bit of Tinted Moisturiser and running out the door. 


These two colours 'Liquifuschia' & 'Patrice' are vibrant, bold and quite frankly a little scary - They are kind you would walk past in a beauty hall and wonder why anyone would purchase them. Rest assured these two are absolutely gorgeous, the consistency is creamy but lightweight - Applied correctly they add just the right amount of colour. They leave the cheeks pretty with a pop of colour and the lips with a subtle, sweet stain giving you the perfect pout. I don't usually opt for cream products on my face but these work so well as the finish is matte and they stay put all throughout the day. 

I'll upload pictures of these on my face soon! 

Have any of you checked these Cheek and Lip cremes from Kevyn Aucoin? 
Check them out HERE

Lots of Love 

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