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Everyday Essentials #4 - HealGel Face & Eye Cream


(Ok so it's not Sunday BUT better LATE than NEVER!)

A good moisturiser and eye cream are essential to my everyday routine (whether I be lounging at home with no make up or out and about with a full face) ensuring my skin remains hydrated is key. For me this becomes even more important in the colder months. I am someone who suffers from quite dry skin and when it gets to Autumn it goes crazy so finding the right moisturisers is vital . Lately I have found love in two products by HealGel. You may remember I initially posted about HealGel's intensive repair gel HERE, this product was a little more specific to helping with burns, scars, pigmentation and general healing of the skin. I was so impressed by the way in which this product worked that I decided to give the face and eye cream a go and I must say I haven't been left disappointed!

HealGel Face Cream

Heal Gel Face cream is a lot lighter in consistency than any other moisturiser I have ever used but I must say this keeps my skin feeling well hydrated all throughout the day. It works wonderfully as a skin rescuer and whatever your skin concerns may be I feel that this cream has it covered. With my new (older) age I am feeling more concerned with using anti-ageing products and this cream has a plumping and firming feeling once applied. If you are like me and often suffer from dehydration this contains a unique blend of omega oils which help restore elasticity. I also find this face cream is a great base under make up as it sits so well on my skin. I also love the packaging and that this moisturiser is in a pump (FYI 1 pump is sufficient for me).  HealGel Face Cream can also be used day and night which is ideal in my opinion! 

HealGel Eye Cream 

In conjunction with the HealGel face cream I have been using the eye cream which again is working really well - Together these two are my current skin care saviours. Again the consistency is lightweight but absorbs really well in to my skin. I don't like wearing eye creams that are too heavy because it ends up feeling like an additional layer this, however feels perfect on my skin and I love the cooling effect. I personally find it has worked wonders at reducing the appearance of my dark circles and puffiness of my eyes. I have been travelling quite a bit and what, with the different time zones and lack of sleep this eye cream is probably the only reason I look remotely human. 

I have been using both of these products for the last 6 weeks or so and I am more than happy with the results, my skin is generally feeling much better and looking a lot happier. The thing that I love most about both of these two creams is that they can be used AM and PM - Result! 

Have any of you checked out the HealGel range? I can't recommend it enough! 

Lots of Love

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