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Everyday Essentials #2 - OPI


Hey guys back again with my Everyday Essentials, it's been a long week and I feel like I haven't stopped - Even more so because I'm off to New York tomorrow and I've been running around all day! Anyways this week I thought I would share my nail care secrets. I get so many questions about my nail upkeep and because I paint them so frequently keeping them strong and healthy is essential - HA! Get it!? ;) These two products I have been using lately are both from OPI and I have featured Nail Envy before but it really deserved a revisit on MouldyFruit.

OPI - Nail Envy 

This product is the ultimate base coat for me, it strengthens my nails, it conditions them and most importantly it eliminates any discolouration. It's amazing if you have dry and brittle nails, it really helps to nourish them. Nail Envy leaves a sheer coat of natural colour and there are days where I apply this and feel comfortable enough to leave this on alone. I have been using this for about a year now and it's one of those key products I can't live without when it comes to my nail routine. 

OPI - Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go 

The other product is the OPI cuticle oil (To Go), I always ensure I apply oil to my cuticles and more recently I have been using this one which I received in my personalised Birchbox. It has an easy brush applicator which I literally sweep over my cuticles and massage in. I find especially in the colder months my skin is ever so dry and this helps to keep the skin around my nails soft, smooth and moisturised. This 'Cuticle Oil to Go' is perfect to travel with and ideal for having in your handbag.  BTW This smells divine! 

So there you have it two products that are key to keeping my nails in tip top shape. 
What are your nail care favourites?
Lots of Love 

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  1. I've heard so much about Nail Envy. Def need to try it out since my nails chip & break so easily


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