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Best of Berry - Day 4 Illamasqua 'Shard'


Illamasqua Shard is one of the latest additions to my berry lip collection and I already adore it so much. Like most Illamasqua products what you see is what you get, the colours are true to life and that's one thing I've always loved about the brand. Shard is a gorgeous, intense, purple lipstick. It's matte in texture and really long wearing on the lips - How can you not love that?



If illamasqua know how to do one thing - it's bold lip colours. I actually really love the tone of this lipstick as it's not as dark as some of the other berry shades I've picked out this week. Shard has such a beautiful raspberry undertone to it and again this is the ideal lipstick to wear slightly blotted down. I found the texture to be slightly creamy and once mattified I didn't find this lipstick to be that drying on my lips, I mean it's not a hydrating lipstick but I didn't find it to be tough nor did it drag on my lips once I applied it. 


Check out Illamasqua Shard HERE

Have any of you tried Illamasqua lipsticks? Do you love them as much as I do?

Lots of Love 


  1. I haven't tried any Illamasqua lipsticks but this shade looks wonderful, i'm all over berry tones in winter x

  2. This looks sooo nice! How does it compare to rebel from mac?

  3. The colour is gorgeous I love how it looks matified. I think that the topshop matte lip lacquer is a similar colour :)

  4. Gorgeous Colour.
    This is definitely going on my wish list.


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