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Best of Berry - Day 3 MAC Lipmix 'Crimson'


Hello my loves how are we all doing? I'm bringing you this post from a Starbucks somewhere in New York CIty and it's another one of my Best of Berry posts. Today's lip colour is a little more red toned than the other lip products of the week but the reason I wanted to include this one is because the Lip Mix's from MAC are so underrated. They are essentially a lip creme which are super pigmented, smooth and hydrating on the lips - they dry to a beautiful velvet matte finish. This colour is so amazing for Autumn! 



Crimson is gorgeous on, it's such an intense, rich ruby shade. I wanted to darken it slightly so I added my beloved 'Nightmoth' lip liner and this instantly added more depth to the colour, it almost gave it that ombre effect. I love how the Lip Mix's feel so conditioning on the lips the only thing is that this lip product is best applied with a brush - So, not ideal for on the go! Nevertheless it's still a stunning colour. 


Have any of you tried MAC's Lip Mix? Check out Crimson HERE


Lots of Love


  1. Your eye makeup and blush match so well with the lip colour without being too matchy, I love it! What are you wearing on your cheeks here?

  2. I never knew they did them....I really like this one. Think I have to go out and get it!! Thanks Zara x


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