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MAC x RiRi 'Talk that Talk' Lipstick


There used to be a day where I would obsess over the latest offerings from MAC and convince myself I needed everything, these days I honesty I can't keep up with the new collections from MAC. It seems as soon as a new collection drops all the must have items are gone within seconds. I thought this would be the case for the latest MAC and Rihanna collection, so I didn't pay too much attention to it. I must admit when I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline on the day of it's launch, I did feel a little left out that I hadn't jumped at the chance to buy something. However on Friday I was out shopping and popped into MAC to have a mooch and a play (As you do!). I then spotted the RiRi 'Talk that Talk lipstick' and totally fell in love. It's such a gorgeous, intense, deep berry shade and the texture is so matte it feels and almost looks like velvet on your lips - Just my luck they were in stock because there was no way I was leaving without it!


Now I'm not the biggest Rihanna fan (Don't shoot me!) but boy I love this lipstick I have already worn it twice since Friday, now considering it's Monday that's saying something! I really feel that this Autumn/Winter I am going to be embracing the dark lips, I love how beautifully bold this lip colour is. 


I teamed the lipstick with MAC's 'Nightmoth' lip liner which is the perfect partner, together they work like a dream and last on the lips for hours. 

I also decided to create a MAC face chart for this look I have on in these pictures. To be fair I only used two eyeshadows and just buffed and blended them out. I added a little bit of liquid liner and intensified the lower lash line. I'm not one to shy away from bold make up - I'm the kind of girl who likes lips and eyes and this is just one of the ways I'd wear 'Talk that Talk'  lipstick.




MAC Black Tied (All over the lid) 
MAC Sketch (In the crease and blended up) 
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline 

MAC All's Good (LE) 

MAC Nightmoth Pencil 
MAC x RiRi Talk that Talk


I also thought this lip was the perfect excuse to bring out my burgundy Lotta Rosie headband from Crown and Glory. I absolutely love how the colours works so well together and who doesn't love some flowers in their hair! Check out my crown HERE


Have any of you checked out the RiRi Hearts MAC, Fall collection? If so what did you get? I know most of it's sold out online, but if you get lucky 'Talk that Talk' is such an amazing colour for fall so try and get your hand on it!

Hope you guys are all well, sorry I've been a bit of a ghost lately I've been so sick but now on the mend! Lots to share and lots coming your way!

Lots of Love


  1. Love the photos. Your eyes look amazing and that Lipstick is absolutely goooorgeous! Are those your natural eyelashed btw?


  2. This looks incredible on you - I've tried Riri Woo but this one is just perfect for fall! In the first picture of the bullet this shade looks almost black - and I thought oh gosh, I'm not going to like this at all! But as I scrolled and saw how gorgeous it was, I need to hunt down one of these beauties, if they're not sold out everywhere by now!

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  3. Such a pretty colour on you , but I hear it doesn't live up to its hype? And is so dry?

  4. Ur so gorgeous, i adore ur look x

  5. I also picked up this lipstick, along with Riri Woo. I love Talk That Talk, but I have to say, the application is not the best. I will most likely have to use a lip brush next time I apply it, instead of straight from the bullet. Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous color and looks wonderful on you!


  7. I'm not a huge Rihanna fan at all, but this lipstick looks amazing on you! Lovely photos too.

  8. Not a huge fan either but I was very impress with some of the lipsticks I have seen thus far. I tried getting talk that talk but to no avail. Can't wait for the holiday collection where 2 more lipsticks (Bad Girl Riri - Taupy Nude and Pleasure Bomb - Fuchsia both retro mattes). Looks really gorge on you.

  9. OMG that crown on you <3 wow wow wow!!!

  10. I wanted Talk that Talk but I wasn't willing to run into town on a hangover day thursday, or friday... so It was gone. But I picked up RiRi Woo to ease the suffering and at least I have a MAC read now, even though I have every single Illamaswua Red Lipstick and several other brands.. but HEY, the packing is gorgoeus, and I do love RiRi! x

  11. Zara it looks amazing on you, I'm yet to wear mine! X

  12. Hey you, what a beautiful make up. Love this lipstic
    Could i use a picture of yours in a post about dark lips? Sure with the credits.


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