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Nails inc. - NoHo Black Leather


I have had this nail polish quite a while now and when I initially received it I have to admit it wasn't my favourite of the monochrome collection. The other day I decided to give it another go and WOW I can not believe how much I adore this black leather nail polish, I'm not too keen on the whole textured nail polish craze - BUT this! Even the photographs don't do this nail polish justice! I know 'NoHo' is going to be a favourite of mine this Autumn/Winter. 



Another thing that usually puts me off wearing textured mail polishes is the removal. This on the other hand really is so easy to remove it actually quite surprised me. There is no other way to explain the finish of this nail polish but leather, it looks the same, it feels the same and I adore it. 


If you didn't know by now, I practically live in black - So this is the kind of the nail polish that obviously goes with everything. I think it's so edgy and I keep staring at my nails because I love it so much. 

Definitely my favourite nail polish at the moment, the first in a long time. 

Check out Black Leather by nail inc. HERE

Lots of Love


  1. Love the amount of texture this shade provides.. its not to crazy like some of the others but has a different effect than regular nailpolish!


    AA Perception

  2. this is such a great nail polish.
    definitely going to try and locate this in toronto!

  3. My days of wearing black nail polish were over until I saw this. I must have this!

  4. Love the texture! Definitely going to give it a try!


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