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MAC Week of REDS - Day 2 'Russian Red'


Russian Red is my second pick for the week and is another gorgeous red by MAC. Although it may not seem it in the pictures it's definitely a deeper, more muted red than Ruby Woo. Once on Russian Red is lot more cooler toned, to me it's more of a tomato red and I really enjoy wearing it during the day. 



I find this lipstick is so easy to wear, it's also a matte finish but somehow this is much more comforting on the lips than Ruby Woo. It's not as drying and I find that texture is a lot more creamier on the lips BUT it lasts just as long! If blue toned reds aren't for you, then this is definitely one I recommend checking out! 


Whenever I wear this colour it reminds me of a story that I want to share with you. About two years ago I was in Miami, shopping on my birthday and I was buying shoes. I was purchasing some Sam Edelman heels and two french girls from Paris walked in. I needed advice from ladies, so of course I asked them which out of the two pairs I should go for. That was it - The conversation was as short as that. About a few weeks later I returned from US and got a comment on my blog from one of the girls I had met that day. She had randomly Googled MAC Russian Red and it brought her to my blog. How crazy? I had not mentioned ANYTHING about MouldyFruit to them, nor mentioned the lipstick - It wasn't as if she googled the Sam Edelman shoes, it was a complete fluke that she ended up on my blog! It made me realise how small the world is and how amazing moments like that are! So when I wear Russian Red, I think of that story and it makes me smile! 

Check out MAC's Russian Red HERE.

Lots of Love


  1. I Love this lipstick! it's one of my favorites

  2. Hey! I definitely prefer blue toned reds, not because my teeth are yellow or anything like that hahaha but just because I like the cooler tones, however now that winter is coming I feel like I should try the warmer reds - Russian Red looks so glamorous on you, I would wear it in the day time too, I know a lot of girls are afraid to rock a red lip in the day but I say go for it! I haven't got this lipstick in my collection but I will have soon!

    Thank you for posting this
    Love Jayde-Paris

  3. Ooo I never saw how pretty Russian Red is! Looks gorgeous on you. Will be adding it to my cart :)


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