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MAC Week of REDS - Day 1 'Ruby Woo'



I'm starting off this wonderful week with the first pick from my 'MAC Week of REDs!'. For the next seven days I'm going to be sharing with you my favourite MAC red lipsticks. I think a red lipstick should be staple in any woman's make up bag and these days there are so many different textures, tones and finishes - So there's something out there to suit everyone. 

I wanted to start the week with a complete cult classic 'Ruby Woo'. This was the first, ever red lipstick I ever purchased and to be honest I was hesitant to wear colour on my lips and I was unsure if it would suit me. Nevertheless I went straight in at the deep end with this gorgeous, bold, bright lip and boy am I glad I did. I adore it and will always have so much love for Ruby Woo, it started off my love affair with red lippies!


The consistency is matte and you may find this colour quite drying on the lips - so my piece of advice is to make sure you moisturise your lips beforehand.  Ruby Woo is more of a cool, blue toned red and it's definitely a show stopper!


One other way I absolutely adore wearing Ruby Woo is by vamping it up, adding a dark lip liner and creating an ombre lip. Ruby Woo is a colour that once is on the lips it has such a gorgeous finish so by adding a deep, dark lip liner creates that gorgeous, almost velvet like finish - I love using MAC's 'Nightmoth' pencil it completely changes the look - Amazing! 


Do any of you wear Ruby Woo? Is it a fave of yours? Have and of you tried the new RiRi Woo? 

Check out Ruby Woo HERE

Lots of Love


  1. LOVE the ombre look! Very creative xx

  2. LOVE the look of it with Nightmoth! xx

  3. Lovely, one of my fav lipsticks.

  4. Hey Zara. Can you share some info on which lens/settings you use with ya Canon 600D?

  5. looks beautiful on you! Don't think it'd suit me...

    lovely post xo

  6. Love the nightmoth and rubywoo pairing! Gorgeous!

  7. Love the nightmoth and rubywoo pairing! Definitely will be trying it out as soon as I make my nightmoth purchase. Gorgeous!


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