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Illamasqua - Fusion


Fusion is one of the latest nail polishes from Illamaqua's #Creators collection. It's such an incredibly, rich chocolate colour that has a gorgeous sparkle to it - on the nails it's beautiful because the tone changes as it catches the light. It kind of reminds me of OPI's My Private Jet and I love it, I love it even MORE because it was created by one of my closest friends Yinka from Vexinthecity. I feel so proud to be wearing this colour and I know it's going to be another nail polish that gets a lot of loving this season.


Illamaqua nail polishes never disappoint - what you see is what you get! In actual fact that pretty much relates to all their make up - They really deliver! From the launch of the brand 5 years ago illamasqua have strongly supported bloggers and this entire collection is a celebration of that. I am so proud of Yinka, Suzi and Milly for the fabulous products they've created alongside Illamasqua for this collection. We all started blogging around the same time and it's always so nice to see your friends and fellow bloggers accomplish great things!


I asked Yinka what her inspiration behind creating this colour was and this is what she had to say -

"I wanted to create a shade which reflected my vision of the galaxy - dark, intense and mysterious - with the magic of the stars shining through"

You guys MUST check out the fabulous #Creators collection HERE and again, huge congrats to my girls! 

Lots of love


  1. I actually love that colour; might just have to buy it for this fall period.
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~

  2. Incredible shade - definitely want to pick this up!



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