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Carmex - Healing Cream


The Carmex Healing Cream is that perfect pick me up product, one of those mini's you can effortlessly pop into your make up bag. I purchased this cream up when I was at the checkout in Walgreens in New York. This is a cream you can pretty much use anywhere and everywhere - it's fabulous for dry and chapped skin and I can already see this having a constant place in my winter make up bag. I've been sick for the best part of two weeks so this has honestly been a little saviour. It's also great for hands and feet because of the non greasy texture. What more could you want for a dollar! 

This is definitely one of my Winter picks! 
Check out the Carmex healing cream HERE

Lots of Love


  1. Love the Carmex lip balm so I will def have my eye out for this lil pot! Esp if its only a buck!

    AA Perception

  2. I lobe Carmex as well, really great product:)


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