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Beauty tools to me, are so essential - Over the years I have built up a great collection and I do believe they are the heart and soul of my make up routine. The Beauty Blender was created by Hollywood make up artist Re Ann Silva, it has since become a kit staple for many make up artists. Mario Dedavonic, (make up artist to the Kardashians) was the first one who brought this PINK, egg shaped sponge to my attention. Was this teeny, tiny, pink sponge the secret behind Kim's flawless face? If so, I had to give it a go! Recently I managed to get my hands on one of the iconic Beauty Blenders and here's my verdict. 

The Beauty Blender is designed to be used damp, I run this under the tap and squeeze out the excess water. I have primarily been using this to blend my concealer and I think it's pretty amazing. The tapered top allows you to really get in to the corners of your face, especially around the eyes and nose. I find the best way to use this sponge is by using a press and tap motion. The finish is flawless, streak free and somehow so beautifully blended in to the skin. The Beauty Blender has definitely taken place of the MAC 131 brush which I used to use as my holy grail concealer brush. 

I will be using this in a few forthcoming videos, so to see how I use this be sure to keep an eye out for them! 

Check out the Beauty Blender online at the Birchbox E-Shop website HERE

Lots of Love 


  1. Still need to try the beauty blender!
    I feel like nothing will beat my Real Techniques buffing brush though!
    alicekatex ♥

  2. That doll us adorable. Where could I purchase one?

  3. That doll us adorable. Where could I purchase one?


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