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Astrid & Miyu Arm Candy + Discount Code!


I'm sure by now you guys know about my love affair with Astrid and Miyu's jewellery, you can click the label below and see some of the wonderful jewellery I already own by them. And guess what? They've done it again - Astrid and Miyu have made me fall in love with pretty, delicate, dainty jewellery and these two bracelets are the latest additions to my arm candy. I'm all about my bracelets lately, I absolutely love layering them and I adore how the 'Eye See You' bracelet and the 'Angel' bangle compliment the rest of my everyday bracelets. Astrid and Miyu's jewellery is so gorgeous, unique and I'm always so excited to receive something new from them.


I can't stop looking at my wrist these two bracelets really stand out - so, so pretty!  I'm also excited to offer all my lovely MouldyFruit readers 20% off all Astrid & Miyu jewellery - All you have to do is enter ZARA20 at checkout. Thank you to the fabulous ladies at Astrid & Miyu for that!


You can check out my Evil Eye Bracelet HERE and my Angel bangle HERE

Have any of you purchased from Astrid & Miyu before? They've got some gorgeous pieces which would make fabulous gifts - Even I might take advantage of the discount code. 

Enjoy! Lots of Love 


  1. wow they are so pretty!



  2. I love evil eye bracelets! I brought one while I was on holiday in cofu but just recently it broke and I have been looking for a great alternative and I think I have found the one!

    Gemma xxx


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