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Victoria Secret - Pure Seduction Body Mist


I associate smells so strongly with certain moments in life, you know when you smell something and it takes you back to such a specific time and place. In all fairness I usually buy fragrances/body mists when travelling so that scent reminds me of that place. For years I have done this with the Victoria Secret Body Mists so this time when I was in New York I picked up a new one to associate with new memories. 

Pure Seduction is sweet, I mean super sweet - to be fair I think all of the Victoria Secret body care range is! There's something about this scent that is a little warmer once on the skin, I love the blend of plum and freesia together in this scent - It's floral, it's fun and I love the feeling of being lightly spritzed in this. 

Check out the VS Body Mist collection HERE.

 I honestly had the best time in New York - Great weather, good vibes and amazing people. Already smelling this takes me back to fun times! I will leave you with a pic I snapped along Brooklyn Bridge as the sun was setting - So perfect! 


Lots of Love 

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