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MAC - Relentlessly Red


Greetings from New York City! I just got back after spending a few days in Miami and in the short time I was away I must say I really missed the hustle and bustle of being here. Yesterday I headed down to Times Square to meet a friend from coffee naturally we popped into a few stores along the way and of course a make up purchase was inevitable.


For the first time in a long time I felt super excited by a new MAC launch - The Retro Matte collection. For someone like myself who adores a matte lip the whole collection is filled with gorgeous, bold, bright and staple lip colours.  To be fair a lot of the colours seemed quite similar to MAC lipsticks I already own, all except one - Relentlessly Red.


Wow! What can I say a true beauty, this is unlike any MAC red I own it has more of a coral/pink tone to it. This colour is so vibrant on the lips and I love it, you know I can't resist a good, matte, red lippy. Relentlessly Red lasted perfectly throughout the day and hours after multiple coffee and cake breaks it left behind such a gorgeous stain on my lips. 


I bought this early on in the day and let's face it for a blogger, any beauty related purchase requires the mandatory picture before it can be used and so that's what I did - I stood in the middle of Times Square and took my pictures! 

Check out MAC's Retro Matte collection HERE

Lots of Love 


  1. You're such a babe! Love this lipstick, definitely want it now!

  2. Red lips look simply gorgeous on you! <3

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  4. This looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Just the perfect shade :) Gotta love a good red lip! Have to try it out, might be my first MAC purchase :)

    Renate from

  5. Love the lipstick; looks great on you

    New post ~

  6. That color looks gorgeous on you!!!

  7. I'm in need of a new red lipstick. I think you've convinced me on which one to get.

    Great look!

  8. This is absolutely a gorge lipstick and the fact that it is matte A+

  9. So pretty on you! I love Relentlessly Red too


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