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Kevyn Aucoin - Celestial Bronzing Veil 'Tropical Nights'


Kevyn Aucoin is slowly becoming one of my favourite make up brands. I already absolutely adore the celestial highlighting powder in 'Candlelight' and I wear this product daily. If you've seen any of my make up tutorials you will see how gorgeous this looks on the skin. I recently purchased the Kevyn Aucoin celestial bronzing veil in Tropical Nights and this is another product from Kevyn that I have been using almost everyday. It's a gorgeous gradient bronzer and the shade transitions from a shimmery champagne colour into a deeper bronze - I kid you not it's AMAZING! 


There are so many ways to wear this bronzer, whether you swirl your brush around and use all the colours together or you use different shades for specific placements on your face this looks so beautiful on the skin. I love how lightweight the Kevyn Aucoin powders feel on my face. I find that they aren't overly shimmery which I adore, instead they simply leave your skin looking radiant. 

I also love this bronzer for the eyes, it's amazing as you can create a really gorgeous golden, contoured eye with this.  
I have a tutorial on this look coming soon so be sure to watch out it. 

Check out the Kevyn Aucoin Tropical Nights Bronzing Veil HERE

Lots of Love

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