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Jack Black - Black Tea & Blackberry Lip Balm



For those of you who have realised I am a little quiet on the blog front there really is a valid reason behind this! I'm currently in New York and all the blogposts I promised myself I'd upload I just haven't had time to (Epic fail!). I'm just having such a great time in this city with some of my amazing friends out here. In the meantime I thought I would write a quick post to fill you in on my latest lip balm love - Jack Black! 

I was in Sephora (obviously) and in serious need of a lip balm so I decided to give the Jack Black lip balm a go. Black tea and blackberry? Yes please! The texture of this lip balm is amazing. it feels so lightweight on the lips and leaves my lips feeling hydrated. I find that so many lip balms these days end up leaving your lips looking glossy/shiny and I don't always like that - this however just leaves your lips feeling and looking soft with no gloss - What a winner! It's the kind of lip balm that's perfect under a matte lipstick because it doesn't affect the matte texture.

With a SPF 25 this is the perfect lip balm for wearing throughout the day. I can't stop applying this lip balm because it smells incredible and feels so great on my lips, I'll probably have to go back and buy another one by the end of the week! 

Check out the line of Jack Black lip balms HERE

Lots of Love

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