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Cetaphil - Gentle Cleanser


Sometimes I can't help but feel like we over complicate things, I always think about this when it comes to my skin care regime - I often think at times going back to basics is just as good as the next fancy, new product on the market. For ages I've heard people in America go on about the Cetaphil cleanser and while pursuing the isles of Walgreens I decided to pick one up and see what all the fuss was about. I also heard that Pharrell swears by it - Damn if it's good enough for Mr.Williams it's sure as hell good enough for me. 

The first time I used Cetaphil I felt that it was a simple, no fuss, no frills cleanser - not that this is a bad thing. OK so it didn't remove ALL my make up but boy did it leave my skin feeling squeaky clean. Cetaphil is a non comedogenic, fragrance free, gentle cleanser for all skin types. I have been using it for about three weeks now and I really do love it. In my opinion it's easy, it's quick and my skin is currently feeling great. I have got in to the habit of removing my eye make up before hand and I use this to wash my face morning and evening. I generally feel that my skin is looking much brighter, healthier and feels so unbelievably soft -The only thing I've changed in my regime is this so I can't help but give Cetaphil some much deserved blog loving. 

For like $14 what more could you want! I will FOR SURE be stocking up on this when I next go back to the States and I now want to try more from the range! 

Have any of you guys used this? Or any other Cetaphil products? What do you think?
For all my UK readers I've found the Cetaphil cleanser online at Cult Beauty check it out HERE

Lots of Love


  1. I've used the body wash and body moisturiser and I loved them both, I'll have to try this next! xx

  2. The cetaphil soap is awesome too :) What would the equivalent be in a UK brand?

  3. The cetaphil bar soap, lotion and cream are awesome too! I have used the whole line for years and it is probably some of the most gentle products out there. What would a UK equivalent be? Try it with your clarisonic and it is lurrrve :) Awesome blog btw, I have been reading it for a hot minute! You go gurrl!

  4. This looks stunning on you! This was the shade I was after, but a spending ban and reviews of it applying patchy put me off. Wish I'd have got it!


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