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Tom Ford Lipsticks - Pink Dusk, True Coral & Wild Ginger


Tom Ford is the epitome of luxury, everything about the brand screams high fashion and sophistication. I think the man's a complete genius! He's gorgeous, talented and has managed to make the brand a huge International success. 


When Tom Ford launched his cosmetic line it had the beauty world going bonkers. You all know by now how much I adore my lipsticks - I love the colours, the textures and of course I'm sucker for pretty packaging - It was about time for me to give these lipsticks some loving. 


It took me a few days to actually try these lipsticks because they are just too pretty to use! After reading mixed reviews I had no idea what to expect, but I have must say I was really impressed with the Tom Ford lipsticks. The texture is creamy, the lipsticks are well pigmented and I adore the satin finish. 

Pink Drink  


A gorgeous, muted, nude pink - This is so pretty on the lips, I haven't worn a shade like this in ages! I enjoy wearing colours like this with super smokey eyes. 


True Coral


A pretty coral, with a hint of pink.  Such a Summer colour which would work perfectly with super bronzed skin. 


Wild Ginger 


My friend Laura totally had me sold on this colour! We have really similar taste so when she told me it was one of her favourites - it was a no brainer. I think this colour is my favourite out of all three lipsticks! It's a great balance between an orange and red, it looks amazing on. 


All in all I am loving these lipsticks, I think they are fabulous! 

Check out the Tom Ford lipsticks HERE.

Have any of you tried anything from the Tom Ford make up line? 


As I write this I can't help but sing Jay - Z - Tom Ford, so for those who want to have a listen with me.. Enjoy..!

Lots of Love 


  1. I recently treated myself to a Tom Ford lipstick, I picked True Coral because it's different to any other lipstick I own and I seriously adore it! Flamingo is next on my list to try x

    Sarah @ xx

  2. I love the Pink Blush. Please post a makeup look with it on. :)

  3. They're all beautiful. I love True Coral.

  4. Incredible!!! Pink blush is stunning, but I wouldn't want to use them and ruin the TF embossed logo :p


  5. they all look great, though I reckon I favour Wild Ginger x

  6. LOVE Tom Ford... Might need to invest in Pink Blush after seeing it on you!


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