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OPI Mod About You


No stranger to MouldyFruit, OPI'S Mod About You is frequently featured on my blog and every time I wear it I can't help but fall hopelessly in love with the colour. Now I know the colour is exactly the same as it always has been and always will be but, I think every now and then it's ok to repeat and re-post those products that really stand out.


I love an opaque milky pink nail polish, it's so easy to wear and looks fabulous on fingers and toes - whenever, wherever! It's so pretty on and I adore it. The consistency of this nail polish is great, I apply two coats and the colour is perfect. 


This nail polish is one of the very few colours that I have continued to purchase over the last few years. I actually first read about this gorgeous colour on my friend Laura's blog way back when she was lollipop26! - I don't even think I had a blog back when I first bought this. 


This colour will always be a staple in my nail files! Are any of you 'Mod About You' fans? 
Check it out HERE.

Lots of Love 


  1. That is such a gorgeous colour, I remember searching for this a few years ago (Laura's fault too!) but never finding it, I think I'll have to search again :)
    Rosalie x

  2. looks so beautiful! i've gotta try it! xx

  3. Having just fell in love with Barry M's Lychee which is a similar natural tone I'm desperate to try more versions and this OPI colour looks like the next purchase!


  4. Oo I am feeling that colour! I know what you mean about falling in love with the same colour again and again. It's like my minds telling me no... but my hands, my hands are telling me yeeeees. Totally didn't expect to R Kelly up this comment. But damn there is nothing wrong with a lil bit of repeat polishing.

    Pippa x

  5. This colour's so beautiful! Is there any dupes for it haha?!

    Good post!
    Zofia xo


  6. I love these types of colours. I'm surprised I don't have mod about you yet. I also want to get Italian Love Affair!

  7. This and the my vampire is buff are my top used nail polishes!!

  8. Such a pretty colour, reminds me of essie's fiji x


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