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Manhattan Cosmetics - Pistachio Green



I picked up this pretty pistachio coloured nail polish a few months ago when I was in Croatia and I'd forgotten about it (As you do!). I'm not really familiar with Manhattan cosmetics but I must say the colour and the application was pretty impressive.


This colour is gorgeous on the nails and as the Summer slowly comes to an end I felt this was the shade that best fit my mood. I love the consistency of this nail polish and the size of the brush is perfect for painting! This nail polish is a 60 second dry one and it's great! 

I think Manhattan cosmetics are available in some countries over Europe but I managed to find the Manhattan nail line on the web, you can check it out HERE, the shade is (18S) 

Lots of Love


  1. love the minty green against your skin tone! i am a bit intimidated by overly light minty greens on my skin, simply because i don't know if it goes with everything i wear. but this season ive seen so many girls rocking it that i caved and bought a minty green to try out too... and i love it! :)

    rachel x

  2. It looks beautiful on your skintone. Love the color x

  3. Fragrance direct also have some Manhattan colours for £1, really opaque and long lasting but I found that they stain the nail a bit!

  4. The colour is gorgeous! I'm admiring your application too, haha. My nail painting always turns out pants! x

  5. love the color!! so beautiful! <3


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