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Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment for Hair


A few months back I blogged about the Macadamia Oil hair range (Full post HERE), more recently I have found a lot of love for one product in particular - the Healing oil. I have been trying to cut down the amount of products I use on my hair, BUT this treatment oil has stuck with me for various reasons. 

This oil is so great at deep conditioning my hair and I use this product in many ways. I sometimes use this as a serum, applying a small amount onto my ends before I dry and style my hair. It leaves my hair looking glossy and feeling super soft. Even though this is an oil it doesn't weigh down my hair nor does it leave my hair feeling greasy, instead it feels deeply nourished.

 Alternately I have used this a treatment, by applying a generous amount to my hair brushing it through and literally letting it soak overnight. When I wash and dry my hair I can't explain how amazing my hair feels - It's volumous, shiny and generally looks and feels healthier - OH and Frizz FREE! I have a quite a full, thick head of hair and since cutting out the majority of styling products I've found taming the frizz to be quite a challenge, but this does this trick! 

Really loving this hair oil at the moment! 
Check it out HERE 

Lots of Love 


  1. I've never tried this particular product from the Macadamia line, but this looks great!! I'm definitely going to pick it up soon. Nice review! xo

  2. I've been loving this too, as well as the oil spray. I want to try out more of the range now!


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