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Instagramming Part 29.. Paris!


1.Eurostar Upgrade Vogue Paris/ELLE UK 2. Rue Montorgueil 3. My girl Vanessa at Paname 4. Reading my book by the Louvre 5. Champs Elysees 6. Breakfast on my besties arrival 7. La Favourite 8. My wife! 9. Macaroons and ice cream at La Duree 10. Snapped smoking! 11. Joe Paris - nicest guy around! 12. Pinky 13. Planet Sushi 14. Place des Voges 15. Love Lockdown 16. Wife! 17. Sacre Coeur 18. Grenadine! 19. Everything! 20. Stephane too cool for school! 21.Wanderlust 22. Red Door 23. Red Door x2 24. Au Revoir! 

Hello my beauties..How are we all? I feel like I haven't spoken to you all in ages! It's really hard to get back in to everything when you've been away. Nevertheless i'm back! Thought it would be about time for an Instagram update. For the last week I've been back in Paris and I have to say it was amazing, I adore Paris even more in the sunshine - It was just so perfect! I went back to see a few friends and then my best friend from London came for the weekend and we had the most amazing time ever. I took her to all my favourite restaurants, sites, places, clubs - It was so much fun! Summer vibes in my favourite city..

I already miss it and part of me wants to go back again soon haha - Let's face it! 

"Paris is ALWAYS a good idea!"

Lots of Love 


  1. Great photographs :) x

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