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HealGel Intensive


Hello Heal Gel! I have been using this little gem for a while  - I felt it was definitely time that I gave this product a little bit of loving on my blog. Heal Gel Intesive is a multi purpose wonder product. It was created by five plastic surgeons for post-surgery skin but can be used on a multitude of skin care problems. 

From cracked skin to burns this product really is the ultimate gel for healing. I was recently burnt quite badly on my face by laser hair removal and it was so obvious, what with being on the side of my face! (around 2 inches). It was a pretty traumatic ordeal and the burn begun to scab almost instantly. I started applying Heal Gel Intensive from the day the burn became noticeable - I continuously applied this, around three to four times during the day. The texture is lightweight and it feels so cooling and comforting on the skin which really helped with the irritation and soreness. Three days later I was so thankful - NO scar - This product is literally a God send! 

I would highly recommend Heal Gel Intensive  for scarring, burns and any skin irritations. With treatments like laser hair removal becoming increasingly common my piece of advice is to do your research to find the best laser hair removal as bad experiences can leave you physically and emotionally scarred.

The packaging has relaunched and is now in a pump, which is perfect! 
Check out Heal Gel HERE, I would have been terribly scarred if it wasn't for this product! 

Lots of Love


  1. Ahh such a shame about your post laser hair removal, would be great to see a review about it though. Buying this product as soon as :) thanks x

  2. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your horrid laser experience :o( I still have a small dark scar on the side of my face from an over-zealous technician from some years ago. Wish I'd heard of the heal gel then!

  3. Hi, check out my first blog post please!

    I absolutely love your blog!

  4. Really! I did not know about HEALGEL product. I like this product. we can use it for multitude skin care problem so it is super. thanks for this post. for more visit-


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