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Aveda - Foot Relief


Nothing like a fabulous foot cream for days when your feet need that extra bit of TLC. So many people easily forget about their feet when pampering themselves which is kinda crazy as we spend most our time on them and on the go - but for me it's all about finding that perfect foot cream and this one from Aveda is pretty amazing!
I adore the texture it absorbs really well into the skin and leaves my feet feeling soft and hydrated. Exfoliating fruit acids really help to remove dead skin leaving my feet super smooth. I think this is perfect for really invigorating your feet. The smell is divine because of lavender and rosemary oil, which makes a change from the generic peppermint scent of most other foot creams. 

I love me a good food cream! 
Check out the Aveda Foot Relief HERE

Lots of Love


  1. I love foot creams ! (sounds weird haha) I'll definitely try this one.

  2. I must admit that my feet are probably the most neglected part personally, so I prefer to get a pedicure at a salon. Must try at home treatments though! This does look like a good addition.

    Miss Stylicious


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