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The Body Shop - Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make Up Remover


I love wearing make up, especially eye make up but let's face it sometimes taking it off can be such a chore. I am pretty lucky that cleansers I tend to use manage to remove most traces of it BUT a good eye make up remover never goes a miss. Last week I received the new camomile cleansing collection from The Body Shop and I thought I'd give the Waterproof eye & lip make up remover a go. 
I found that this removes even the toughest eye make up so effortlessly, it's great for sensitive eyes as it's very gentle, it doesn't sting and it's fragrance free!  I often use waterproof eye liner and this removes it without leaving that oily residue on the skin. 

I also tried this with my lip stains, you all know how much I love a bold, matte lip and sometimes they are such a pain to remove. I applied a small amount of this on to a cotton pad and again it removed my lipstick/stains so well - I was very impressed.  

I love the new packaging of this range, it's very Summer appropriate! Can't wait to test the other products from the Camomile collection. I don't think this has new range has launched on the UK website yet but you can check out the original Camomile eye make up remover HERE

Lots of Love


  1. Oooh I've been looking for a good eye make-up remover, I'll give this a go!

  2. Definitely looks worth giving a try. And I'm such a sucker for shake to mix makeup removers. Child at heart is what I am.

    Dejhana | Waite A Little

  3. i really need a good eye make up remover, might try this one next

  4. It's a long time since I've used any Body Shop skincare products but it looks like they have some lovely things - will need to have a nosey in store soon! x

  5. I need to hunt this down!
    Looks very neat :)

  6. This sounds like quite a nice product, I might have to give it a try! £8 isn't going to hurt my bank balance either :)

    Chantelle x

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  7. Just ordered this :) Love your blog. I'm a new follower xx

  8. Definitely going to try this out, once my Garnier one finishes. Great tip. Thanks.


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