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My First Make Up Tutorial Video


Hello my loves how are you all? I wanted to post this video on my blog because it's a first - maybe the first of many depending on how you guys enjoyed it? It's my first make up tutorial/get ready with me video. I don't know why it's taken me so long to film one of these.. actually I do! 

It's quite daunting putting yourself out on there on the internet with no make up on! Don't get me wrong I am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin and believe it or not I spend a lot of my time at home in no make up - I mean ask all my close friends and family? It's probably how they know me best. I am one of those girls that doesn't fully relax unless I'm in my PJs with a cleansed face and no make up on!  - BUT of course, I love wearing make up! I love sitting at my dressing table wondering what look I want to create and what colours best suit my mood of that day. It still excites me after so many years - that's how you know we got a good thing going on haha!

All that aside, I took the plunge! I'm not quite sure what came over me but I did it and I'm glad I did. I hope it's the beginning of a new part of MouldyFruit that you guys will enjoy with me. 

I must just say I am not professionally trained in make up artistry, everything I've learnt is through trial an error, books, the internet, working in the industry and tips and tricks I have learnt from my fabulous make up artist friends. I am surrounded by some super talented individuals who have helped inspire me over the years, some are make up artists that specialise in weddings/events and then there's the complete opposite people like my friend Michael who is a NYC based celebrity make up artist. Michael was actually one of the first people who helped me discover my love for make up and beauty. I actually met him years ago at the MAC Pro store in New York (it feels like forever ago now!) He approached me, we got talking cosmetics and he asked me if I was a make up artist - That was it! That was all I needed to fall more in love with make up, cosmetics and the beauty industry. I often think back to that encounter and wonder where I'd be if I hadn't met him. He is so incredibly talented, gifted and humble - I have a lot of thanks for Michael coming into my life. 

This has turned into a bit of a ramble.. What I wanted to say was that you should follow your dreams and enjoy it!

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Hope you like the video, there's more to come. 

Lots of Love 

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