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MAC's Impassioned Video Tutorial


Hey guys I uploaded this video to YouTube a few days ago and while I was unsure whether to upload (I was pretty sick!) BUT it felt like a bit of waste, especially to those who asked to see the make up. So here I am sick and looking pretty rough! Nevertheless a Pink lip usually brightens up my day, in this case not so much so haha! BUT this is typically how I'd wear MAC's Impassioned during the day. When I usually wear it during the evening I like to a go a little heavier on the eyes - super smokey! 

Hope you guys like it, for full info open in YouTube

Lots of Love


  1. Zara, you do look beautiful, despite feeling so unwell! Impassioned is a gorgeous colour, I've owned it for some time now but it's taking me a while to feel comfortable with its vibrancy! Feel better soon Xx

  2. Hey zara, you look absolutely beautiful. this color suits you very well . but for some reason am so scared to try it on me i look wired with bright colors on my lips lol hope i can give it try at mac store very soon :) .

  3. You look amazing!! I really like this tutorial :)


    Style and Paper

  4. hope you will feel better! you still look amazing

  5. That lip color looks great on you!


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