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Astrid & Miyu Initial Necklace


Another piece of personalised jewellery landed on my desk this week and that was this gorgeous, dainty initial necklace by Astrid and Miyu. I am loving dainty necklaces at the moment, I find them so effortless to wear and I'm currently preferring them to heavy statement necklace (Must be the heat!). I am already obsessed with my 'Strings Attached' necklace by Astrid and miyu, I can't seem to take it off - I know this initial necklace is going to be my latest love. 


The letter sits perfectly on the side and the small diamante in the centre. 


This necklace is perfect for layering! These have just launched by Astrid and Miyu so be sure to check them out HERE

Lots of Love


  1. I literally just ordered this today! It looks so pretty on now I can't wait to get mine in the mail, haha.

    Since you have several of their pieces, do they wear well? I know they're branded as costume jewellery but I am just curious if you've had any of the plating wear off/turn color/etc.

    1. It is so pretty on! To be honest, I don't wear the same jewellery daily especially as it is costume jewellery. The strings attached necklace which I've worn loads has definitely tarnished but I only realised this when the initial necklace arrived. This is partly my fault because I sometimes forget I'm wearing it and end up leaving it on in the shower haha! Hope that helps x

  2. This is beautiful! It might just have to be a payday treat! x


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