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Weekly Wants!


Prada Candy L'eau - MAC Creme D'Nude Lipstick - House of Holland Monochrome sunglasses - Kenzo Jumper  - Peach Converse  - Bonprix Floral print trousers  - Bonprix Monochrome Dress   - Charlotte Olympia 'Debonaire'  - YSL nail duo - Peach Zara shopper 

Sometimes I wish I could buy everything I put together in my wish lists. I sat here flicking through pages of magazines, looking at pictures on Pinterest and Polyvore and now I have filled shopping baskets on most of my favourite online stores.

 I like to keep myself inspired and a lot of the time, I do so by making these collages. I usually start off with one or two key items and then I work around them playing on the colours, patterns and textures. In this case I came across these floral print trousers, I love that they are quite dark with minimal colour, I think it makes them so much more wearable. I found them randomly on the  Bonprix  website and I decided to look through and also found this monochrome dress with a pop of colour. I loved the dress and It really reminded me of an outfit Beyonce wore a few weeks back. That was it, then I found myself adding all these other pretty items to the page and now I really want to purchase everything (I wish). I do have my eyes on the peach coverse and the Kenzo jumper though!  - Ahh the dangers of online shopping! 

So these are this weeks wants! EEk. 
What do you guys have on your wish lists? 

Lots of Love

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