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Updated Make Up Storage/Collection


I recently rearranged my make up storage and had a bit of a clear out (although it may be hard to believe!). I uploaded a picture to Instagram and a few people requested an updated video, so I thought I'd upload it to here and also do a quick blogpost!

My dressing table is the old Malm design from Ikea. I actually got lucky and found mine on eBay. I usually use eBay delivery which is great, but as the seller lived relatively nearby I decided to collect it. What I love most about this dressing table is the large pull out drawer. This is divided into four sections, two of which I store my "go to" make up in and the other two I keep my new products in/products for review.



On the top of my dressing table I have two acrylic storage systems - First up is the K3 from CoolKubes this holds most of my make up, I've had mine for a few years now and I love it. Next to it I have four Muji double acrylic drawers, stacked up which I store my nail polishes in. For my brushes and pencils I seem to collect different jars and pots which I keep them in. I also have a small acrylic vanity case which I separately store my MAC lipsticks in, I picked this up from Sephora.


When I purchased the dressing table I really wanted the mirror that was designed for this table but I haven't managed to track it down as Ikea have discontinued it, I do often check eBay for it! For now I am quite happy with my Revlon mirror it lights up and one of the sides is magnifying, which is a little scary but very practical! 

For a more in depth look be sure to check out the video. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and open in YouTube for more information! 

Speak soon 
Lots of Love


  1. I am in love with your make up collection and how organised it is!!!
    My desk always ends up like a make up graveyard after I do a look


  2. LOVE how you've stored everything, currently waiting for the 5 set of Acrylic Muji Draws to come back in stock so I can beautifully store my makeup and nail varnishes like you have. This video was so helpful! x

  3. I really can wait to return to London and buy those acrylic storage to put my makeup inside >.<


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