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Instagramming Part 28.. London, Oman & Croatia


1.Flick it 2. BBQ with my boys 3. Pharaohs on my neck! 4. Leona Lewis at The Royal Albert Hall 5. Red Lips 6. Pre BAFTA 7. Heading to BAFTA's 8. Dalek attack on the Red carpet 9. Dinner after BAFTA's at BALTHAZAR 10. BAFTA Choc! 11. Getting my make up done by MAC pre ceremony 12. Sunrise 13. ASAP! 14. Life in Monochrome 15. Hotel lobby in Oman 16. Peaceful 17. Love this table! 18. Breakfast with a view! 19. Marie Claire 20. Shishaaa! 21. MouldyFreshFruit! 22. Hammock Loving 23. Souk! 24. Blurred Lines 25. Seafood! 26. Shisha at Kargeen, Oman 27. Art Gallery in Muscat 28.Off again, ice coffee in hand! 29. Pula, Croatia 30. Lunch with a view!!! 31. Sky High! 32. Found my boat! 'Zara'! 33. Watching the sunset! 34. Flying! 35. Summer cleaning, make up storage! 36.Shisha in the garden! 

It's been a little while (AGAIN) since I did an Insta update! I once wrote about how much I enjoy doing these so I can look back on some of the things I do! It's great having photographs to look at, it makes me so grateful for places I visit, the special people I meet along the way and the endless memories created. It was about a month ago when I last did one of these and it feels like so much has happened in that short space of time! I was invited to the BAFTA TV Awards with MAC and it was such an enjoyable and exciting event. I also went on holiday to Oman, it was the most peaceful and tranquil week I have ever had, it was so perfect lounging around in the sun. I got back to London for a few days, then jetted off to Croatia which is honestly such a beautiful country, it was so nice to disconnect from everything, with limited wifi and stunning surroundings - I didn't want to come home to dreary London. I also went to two concerts last month, Leona Lewis with The Body Shop and ASAP Rocky (Two complete opposites! haha) Ahh this year is just slipping away - As if we are nearly at the end of June!? The last few months have been amazing (Paris, Dubai, Oman, Croatia!) but really non stop, I'm kind of happy to sit still in London and slow down for a bit! 


What have you guys been up to!? 
Any Summer plans? Have a good weekend 
Lots of Love


  1. your look fab!xxxx

  2. Why are you so pretty? Its really not fair! Once again, you are looking absolutely stunning and however hard I try to replicate the power brow, it just doesn't work on me, I end up looking like I have beastly man brows (not a flattering look) but you seamlessly rock them.

    Barbie Sparkles | UK Beauty Blog


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