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I got CARRIE'd away!


You know when you should be something more productive with your time when you spend your evenings on Polyvore creating collages. I actually did this while watching the Carrie Diaries I adore Carrie's style, I mean I always have been I was an avid viewer of Sex and the City and now the Carrie Diaries is my latest obsession.

 I wish I had the confidence to pull off some of the crazy outfits young Carrie wears, I mean everything ends up looking so effortlessly chic and SO I spent my evening creating my perfect Carrie wish list! Ok some of these will never be mine like the Versace bomber jacket but it's so my favourite piece and I love the Mark Cross Scottie personalised satchel that she wears in the series - OH how can I forget a pair of killer, colourful heels - my pick was Christian Louboutin of course!

Fashion always excites and I wish I could carry of Carrie's style as effortlessly as she does. I used to be much wilder with the way I dressed when I was younger, I've calmed down over the years and now feel I'm somewhat conventional. I must say out of all the places I've visited in the world London has the best eccentric, eclectic fashion and I love it for that. Do you like me ever have the urge to dress like  your favourite TV stars?

Bit of a random post, but hey I've been lacking in inspiration all weekend  and playing with Polyvore always gets me excited! Are any of you the same?

Lots of Love 

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  1. I love the carrie diaries too and cnt wait for it to return on CW. :) dnt mind if u talk abt ur fav series from time to time. There u go u v inspiration.


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