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Dermalogica - Daily Micofoliant


I first used this product when a friend of mine came to visit me last year in Paris, she swears by Dermalogica and introduced me to it. I then received this travel size edition of Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant in one of my glossy boxes a few months back and it's such a great product it deserved some blog loving. 

What I love most about the Daily Microfoliant is the texture, it's essentially a powder exfoliator which activates once you add water to it. I sprinkle a small amount into my palm, then I add a few drops of water and it creates an exfoliating paste, I proceed to massage this into my face. This product is fabulous for daily exfoliation as it's gentle but at the same time effective. The use of salicylic acid and rice enzymes help to smooth the skin and remove dead skin cells. This generally leaves my face feeling softer and my skin looking brighter. 

This is definitely a product I would consider purchasing the full size of. Have you tried anything from Dermalogica? Have any of you tried this? 

Check out Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant HERE 

Lots of Love


  1. Yes I used to love this! Need to repurchase it.

    1. Soooo underrated I use this on a daily basis it's so gentle but does the job just as good as alpha H liquid gold

  2. That sounds amazing I have to buy it :)

  3. £33! You have to be joking! There are many less expensive just as good exfoliators out there. You are being sucked in by a brand name


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