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Victoria Secret - Secret Craving Body Mist


It's not a fragrance, it's a body mist and boy I can't live without the Victoria Secret's body mists, I love them - Mainly because they are girly, sickly sweet and in my opinion smell amazing! I usually buy one whenever I travel so that the scent reminds me of that place and that particular time in life (Weird I know!). However this time in Duty Free I decided to go for a scent that I was already familiar with. I purchased the Secret Craving body lotion when I went to Dubai last year and then regretted that I didn't buy the body mist to accompany it.  When I moved to Paris late last Summer I  used the body lotion so much that the moment I spritzed myself with this in the Victoria Secret store in Dubai I was instantly in a happy place. 

Blackcurrant and vanilla absolute who would of thought? Such a killer combination, it's such a distinctive scent and probably my favourite out of all of the body mists I have purchased over the years. I love to spritz these when I come out of the shower or when I want to wear something light and sweet! 

Are you a VS fan like me? I love their body care, I always have to stop myself from bulk buying! 

Check out Secret Craving HERE

Have any of you tried these?

Lots of Love 


  1. I have Love Spell, Warm & Cozy, and Pretty & Pure and I love them all! I'll definitely look into this one! Nice review! xo

  2. I always hear Londoners raving about these, but there's no way for me to even sniff them up north :( I would love to try one, they sound lush :) xx

  3. VS body sprays are so divine. I always snap them up when I'm in the US! x

  4. OMG i do exactly the same when i go on holiday, I have to buy a new VS body mist & butter at the airport before i go on holiday, the VS stand at gatwick has been removed which completely sucked last time i was there :(

  5. That sounds amazing! I'm loving the Pear Glace for spring and summer xx

  6. Im In love with Love spell at the moment. Gosh VS do amazing scents :)

  7. I love VS, but it's not available where I live, so I always stock up when I'm abroad. :) You should try one of their older fragrances, it's called Basic Instinct... It smells amazing! x

  8. Hey Nice Post dear...Nice review.I am really happy to see these products. thank you so much :-)

    The Body Mist


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