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Prada Baroque Square Sunglasses


I love sunglasses and I tend use any trip to somewhere remotely sunny as an excuse to purchase a new pair. This last week I have been here in Oman, soaking up the 42C rays of sunshine and I have to say it's amazing. Since last year I had my eyes on the round Prada Baroque sunglasses and I know just about everyone has them which was the main reason I resisted. I also found that the round frames, were just too big for my face shape and as much as I wanted them to work they didn't! SO this year I decided to give the Prada Baroque square's a chance and VOILA - I adore them!



I love the shape of these sunglasses, they are so flattering and I think they are so glamorous on. The Baroque's are probably one of the most comfortable pairs of sunglasses I own. I am really particular when it comes to sunglasses and comfort but I have loved wearing these in the sunshine this week. I purchased these sunglasses online at Churchill Optical, I always buy sunglasses online as they are so much cheaper than in store (these had such a great saving). Churchill Optical sells a variety of designer glasses/sunglasses from all the major brands such as Prada, Tom Ford and Ray-ban amongst others - you can check them out HERE



I was really happy with the service and my sunnies arrived just in time for my holiday. I am currently in Oman staying at the gorgeous Al-Bustan Palace - it's honestly paradise.
Check out the Prada Baroque Square HERE!

Sending you lots of love and sunshine! 


  1. those sunglassses look fab on you!xx

  2. gorgeous, I had my eyes on the round ones but i really like these


  3. Girl you are rocking those specs! Wish I could pull off such an awesome pair of shades they are absolutely beautiful, so unique. Have a lovely holiday dearest xxx

  4. Beautiful sunglasses. Also, where do you get your hair done? The colour is fantastic and I’m searching for a new colourist!


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