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Nails inc. Monochrome Collection


Who doesn't love a bit of monochrome ay? Well I'm sure by now, many of you know I practically live in black, I find is so effortless to wear and easy to jazz up. When the new Monochrome collection from landed on my desk I was super excited to have a play with them, not only because of the black and white BUT because of the new leather texture nail polishes. 


I had fun playing with these and was pretty impressed with the collection. 


Noho - Black leather - LINK 

I think this is my favourite polish out of the four, I love the finished texture of this leather look. It kind of reminds me of a matted (and non 3D) caviar manicure. I love the imprint that is left once this colour dries. I also love the finished colour, it's almost a dark, slate grey and you can really notice the texture of this polish. 

Floral Street - White - LINK

I must say for a white nail polish the consistency of this was great, I love that it didn't streak and with two coats it looked perfect. I also had these on for a few days and was impressed that it didn't chip as quickly as I thought it would. I must say I have had this on my toes for over a week and it still looks perfect.

Black Taxi - Black - LINK

Again another great, glossy, strong shade of black. I often find black nail polishes to be tricky too? They are sometimes so weak in colour that it requires coat after coat to actually look BLACK. This was another pleasant surprise. 

Clerkenwell - Off white leather 

I am so annoyed with these pictures because they don't pick up the beauty of this colour. To me it's a soft cream with a slight nude/pink tone to it (Such a terrible description! SORRY). It also has the leather texture to it and I can really see this being a colour I wear often. 


Oh and something which I found really interesting was how easily the leather nail polishes removed. I often find textured nail polishes take forever to come off and it always put me off wearing them but these really pleasantly surprised me. 

I actually rocked my monochrome nails like this, mismatched colours and textures - I love the juxtaposition of these together. What do you think of monochrome nails? Have any of you checked these out? What do we think of leather nails? 

Lots of Love


  1. I like the look of the leather effect one, love textured nails!


  2. Nice!
    I've been looking for a Textured White Nail Polish, so may try out Clerkenwell.


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