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Mid May Favourites Video


Hey guys this week I uploaded my mid May favourites, it has been ages since I last uploaded a video. I was actually going to skip filming a favourites video this month but I really wanted to film. I was initially meant to film with Laura in Dubai but towards the end of my time there she wasn't too well and had actually lost her voice - Bless her! So anyways I decided to make this my Mid may favourites, some of these products I am really enjoying using at the moment. I have also filmed an empties video that I will try and get up in the next few days, so look out for that! 

Don't forget to open in YouTube for full description and subscribe for more videos.

Lots of Love 

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  1. Loved this video I really want to get the Emma Hardie amazing face cleanser :) and the Kevin okwan highlighter... and everything else

    I have done a mid year favourites on my youtube channel and blog :) it would be sooooo cooool if you could check it out but if you don't no worries :)



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