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Mavala - Lemon Cream


I decided to have a rummage through my collection of Mavala nail polishes and I was feeling so indecisive that  I posted a picture of a few choices on instagram. The majority of you voted for this colour 'Lemon Cream' and I'm so glad I painted my nails this. There's nothing like a lovely lemon to brighten up your day, I was attempting to get in the holiday mood with this colour and I have to say - it kind of worked.


Although I like this colour, I think I would LOVE it, if it was more pastel - if you get me?  I had to apply 3 coats and I think that made it too yellow if you catch my drift. I do like lemon against my skin tone though, I always think it makes my skin look browner.


If you've read any of my nail posts on Mavala before you will know that I love the size of these nail polishes, especially the brushes. They make painting your nails so easy! 

Check out Lemon Cream by Mavala HERE 

Lots of Lemon Love 


  1. that looks amazing on your skintone... but then again what DOESN'T?

  2. I love it, looks good with a tan x

  3. gorgeous colour, im loving pastel nails atm! really like your rings too :)



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