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Illamasqua - Precision Gel Eyeliner


You know me and eyeliner is like bread and butter - I can't live without it, I mean I don't wear it everyday but the days I don't wear it I feel as if I'm missing something! Over the years I've come to realise that my preference in eyeliner is definitely a gel. I love the consistency, the intensity and the control I have when applying with a brush. I have tried many gel liners and so I was pretty excited to try the new precision gel eyeliner from Illamasqua. I love how pigmented Illamasqua products are so I was really interested to see how this eyeliner would compare to some of my other favourites.


The consistency is so smooth and I find this glides effortlessly along my lid. The eyeliner is such a strong black and this is a MUST when it comes to eyeliner for me. I love that this is waterproof as my eyes have a tendency to water from the inner corners and my eyeliner always wears away. This however, lasts hours on my eyes and remains perfect throughout the day - I also use it in my waterline and it really does stay put!


I am really enjoying using this at the moment, my MAC Blacktrack Fluidline was beginning to dry up and this is the perfect replacement. 

Check out the Precision Gel Liner from Illamasqua HERE

Lots of Love 


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  2. Zara you look stunning with sleek hair and this look! Love it!

  3. I've yet to try gel liner. I'm scared with between my oily skin and the heat it will run. :( It's there a trick to keeping it on???


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