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Cosmetic Surgery with Transform Clinic

There used to be a day when bad boob jobs and overflowing lips would be enough to put any one off cosmetic surgery but today we live in a world where cosmetic surgery has become such a norm. I am not against surgery at all, I do believe it's the individuals choice at the end of the day. The only thing that would personally put me off would be the pain element and of course the after care. I've had friends who have gone through surgery and all the myths aren't as bad as people make out. I also have a cousin going through breast cancer and is considering cosmetic surgery once her treatment finishes. I thought this article from Transform Surgery would be helpful for those of you who may be considering it. 

Cosmetic surgery: The whole truth and nothing but the truth..

Whether you are thinking about rhinoplasty surgery to reshape your nose, or a breast enlargement to enhance your chest, it’s essential to find a cosmetic surgery provider that will take good care of you – every step of the way. Patients need to know they’ll receive a professional, honest and reliable service which is why Transform – the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery clinic – has set up The Clear Charter.

This is a set of five commitments and 15 patient promises designed to improve the cosmetic surgery experience for each and every patient. These include:
  • Caring – providing patients with the highest quality care before, during and after their treatment.
  • Acting – being a responsible provider of cosmetic surgery.
  • Sharing – being transparent and open on issues that affect patients’ clinical care.
  • Improving – working with the government and relevant, regulatory authorities.
  • Listening – listening to our patients and respecting their views.
All aspects of The Clear Charter were discussed at length by our Clear Panel which is made up of patients and Transform staff as well as popular TV personalities including Doctor Hilary Jones and Melinda Messenger. United in their vision to usher in a new era of responsibility and transparency in the world of cosmetic surgery, they wanted to be open with patients about things such as infection rates, surgeon experience, patient satisfaction levels and the results of hospital inspections carried out by the government.

Speaking about why he joined the Transform Clear Panel, Doctor Hilary said: “What you want, as well as that procedure is quality, responsibility of the people who are looking after you and ethical guidelines. You want to make sure that the people behind it are experienced, properly trained, in a clean premises where you’re not going to pick up an infection. You need everything in place and you need lots of things in place at the same time. That’s why I think The Charter was so important. That people can read this and know there is comeback if anything goes wrong. Hopefully nothing will go wrong, but there’s a much less chance of that happening if they go to the right place and see the right people.”

If you’re thinking about having a nip here or a tuck there, always do your research before taking the plunge. Attend a pre surgery consultation, provided at Transform clinics across the county and visit the website for more details.

Lots of Love

This article was provided and sponsored through Transform clinics. 

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