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Chantecaille - Faux Cils Longest Lash


When it comes to mascaras I tend try and buy many of the drugstore brands. I always find with high end mascaras you spend X amount on them and they end up drying out within a few weeks. Over years there's only been one that I genuinely believe is worth the price - and that's the Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara.


The main reason why this mascara is fabulous is because it's made from rose water combined with fruit and flower waxes. This essentially means that the mascara doesn't clog and clump the way most other mascaras do. I found the original faux Cils lengthened and volumised my lashes so well and of course without clumps. The base of this mascara also means you can continue to coat your lashes without them appearing thick and spider like. The Chantecaille faux cils also lasts so much longer because of the formula therefore the price can totally be justified! I think my last one lasted for about 5 months - pretty amazing!


More recently Chantecaille have released a growth boosting edition of this mascara and wow it works wonders. The mascara is designed to condition your lashes as well as act as a mascara.The formula of this differs slightly as it has unique peptides which stimulates keratin, this encourages lashes to grow stronger and longer. It's pretty amazing and feels so lovely on the lashes. 

Check out Chantecaille's Faux Cils Longest Lash HERE

Lots of Love & Long Lashes 


  1. wow your lashes look amazing.


    My new blogname

  2. Love the mascara :) I am so obsessed with mascaras I think I have a problem :/

  3. This makes your lashes look gorgeous! I already have long lashes, id love to give this a try, see if it really works!



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