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I'm getting geared for some serious sunshine! Well not UK sunshine because let's face it, the thing about being British is that you begin to accept that there are no garuantees when it comes to the weather - although today is gorgeous! I'm heading to Dubai in a little over a weeks time and holidays are always the perfect occasion for new sunglasses. I am such a sucker for accessories, I definitely dress low key and jazz things up with jewellery etc. Before I had time to mooch around the shops I was contacted by the Sunglasses shop and was kindly gifted these gorgeous Ray-ban 4171 Sunglasses 'Erika'.

I already own a few pairs of Ray-ban Wayfarers but the shape of 'Erika' Is so much softer on my face -  they're round but not too round, I really like the thinner frames and they are matte black which I LOVE. I'm really fussy when it comes to sunglasses because they either end up giving me a huge headache (Sensitive head) or my eyelashes end up hitting the insides #EPICFAIL - These Ray-bans are just right!



Sunglasses shop offers a wide selection of brands in different shapes and colours, something to suit everyone. They offer great online savings, with free UK delivery - Oh and another great thing; They price match! So you end up with the best deal when buying from them.

Have you guys had a good weekend? I need to start packing, I have to pick up a few last minute bits and I've seen some panache swimwear I quite fancy! This week is going to be manic I'm going to Paris for the weekend to catch up with my girls, I get back to London for a day of press events then fly to Dubai the day after- I always do spontaneous things like this  then end up regretting them after - Uhoh, Ahh wells life's too short! 

Enjoy the sunshine, Speak Soon  


  1. I love the shape of them and the case is so cute!

  2. They're so awesome!

  3. i hope you have a lovely time in dubai... plenty of sunshine there

  4. Thats a gorgeous pair of sunglasses. I am really particular about sunglasses, more so than bags.

  5. That's a georgeous pair of sunglasses.

  6. Sooooooooooooooo cool! :)

  7. I think that this type of Ray-Ban Design is perfect for all types of face shapes.


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