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Mama Mio - OMega Body Buff


I first discovered Mama Mio years ago when I was buying a gift for a friend who was expecting, little did I know that Mama Mio had an extensive line of products NOT just for pregnant women. The Omega Body Buff is one of those genius products that I have recently discovered. I always get more conscious of the texture of my skin in the lead up to Spring/Summer - Let's face it we all want to have smooth, soft, Summer ready skin and this product is perfect for that. The OMega Body Buff is designed to be applied to dry skin before getting into the shower/bath. I hate nothing more than getting in the shower to exfoliate and as soon as you apply a scrub to your body it slides right off - No Bueno!  This is why the Body Buff is ideal and so easy to use. 

I find that this product feels really nourishing on the skin because of ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. The Body Buff works wonders at removing dead skin cells and does this in a non abrasive way. The micro ground pumice is the reason it is a light but effective exfoliation. I instantly noticed a difference from the first time using this product, it left my skin feeling fabulously soft and looking really radiant - Loving it! 

Have any of you checked out the Mama Mio range? What are your favourite Body scrubs? Are you guys getting Summer ready? How is it almost the end of April already? 

Check out Mama Mio's OMega Body Buff HERE

Lots of Love 


  1. Hi Zara! Sad I didn't knew about this brand when I was pregnant:)
    I am trying to get ready for summer as I gave birth on February still have 3 kg to loose:)

  2. I find it had to find body scrubs that are not abrasive, smells good but doesn't irritate my skin :/ I know this will be hard to find with all of my criterias but I shall try as many body scrubs as I can until I find it :D I need to look HOT for summer :D


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