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Elizabeth Arden - Teal Blossom & Purple Bloom


Teal and Purple have to be my favourite colours of this season, I like them alone and they work so well together. If you have read my post on Elizabeth Arden's Spring/Summer collection 'New York in Bloom' you would have already seen these gorgeous nail polishes. 


When make up brands tend to launch nail polishes I can't help but feel underwhelmed. I always think the colours are great but then the consistency or the application lets them down. This was the complete opposite with Elizabeth Arden's new limited edition nail polishes; the consistency is fantastic, they apply like a dream and the size of the brush fits my nail perfectly. 


'Teal Blossom' and 'Purple Orchid' are beautiful colours and I love that these nail polishes come complete with a top coat on the end - how ideal. I decided to paint my hands in alternate colours and YES I left it this way, I love how the colours compliment each other, they even matched my mug from my afternoon cuppa!


Check out the Elizabeth Arden's limited nail polishes HERE

Lots of Love 

P.S Thanks to Papa Fruit for taking the pics, you should have seen him trying to use my camera - we got there in the end think there may be a place for him behind the cam of MouldyFruit haha! 


  1. Oh those shades are both so gorgeous, I always love teal nail polishes! They go so well together too.

  2. These colours are beautiful and they look great with your skin tone!
    I definitely want to get the teal one!

  3. The colours look gorgeous!
    I am so envious of your nails, i love the shape of them.

  4. Teal blossom looks gorgeous! x

  5. both colours are gorgeous; you take good care of your hands & nails x

  6. I love the teal color and your nails are the perfect shape.

  7. Eeeeek!! I have to have Teal Blossom! Love it! Thanks for sharing xx

  8. I love the colours :) I haven't tried Elizabeth Arden nail polishes was the consistency to gloppy or too watery?


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