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Cloud Nine - Waving Wand


Last week I was invited to a Cloud Nine event and was asked to be an ambassador representing shoulder length hair for the 'Know your hair, Love your hair' campaign. There were a few hair stylists demonstrating how to use the Cloud Nine  hair tools to create celebrity inspired looks. The inspiration behind my hair was Jessica Alba and the idea was to create soft, loose waves with the use of the waving wand.  My stylist Leigh explained how to create the look, he simply sectioned my hair and proceeded to wrap it around the wand. Once he'd done the whole hair he ran his hands through just softening the waves. I loved the finished look it was so much more relaxed than the way I usually style my hair.



I was given a wand to take home and asked to recreate the look, at first I was a little worried about using the waving wand - I mean it's a pretty scary looking tool. I already have enough war wounds from wands and straighteners! So I made sure I took my time to practice and perfect. The waving wand also comes with a glove so you can Billie Jean your way to wonderful waves. The wand heats up so quickly and the coating on the wand really leaves your hair super shiny. I followed the steps that Leigh explained and sectioned my hair and carefully wrapped bits around the wand. I think they key is to keep the hair overlapped when wrapping it around the barrel. 



I was so happy with the finished look, it's definitely a softer, smoother wave than I achieve with using straighteners. Once my hair cooled I ran my fingers through the curls and applied a little bit of product through it. (P.S I have had my haircut, so that's why it looks more volumous the layers are much shorter in the pictures where I recreated this look!)


I really love the result of using my Cloud Nine waving wand and I'm looking forward to using this in the future. Have any of you tried any of the Cloud Nine hair tools? check out the waving wand HERE. Also check out the Know your hair, Love your hair decision tree it's a fun way to find out more about your hair.


What do we think of the waves? And the shorter hair *cries*!? 

Lots of Love

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  1. LOVE the shorter hair! Looks so healthy, shiney and bouncy! I've never heard of Cloud nine tools, but this is the exact type of curl I try to achieve in my hair...added to the wish list <3

  2. HI Zaza!
    I am a fan of your blog. I have your blog as one of the smelly blogs on
    I want some advice regarding blogs. Did you build your own blog or did you get help? Do you know how I could find some help with building my blog to look the way I would like it to? What website did you use to build the blog?
    I know you are super busy but I hope you could find the time to answer the questions. THANKS a ton! Ann.

  3. so envious of your glossy hair! do you use any shine enhancing products? x


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