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Nicki Minaj - The Couture Pink Friday Collection


Today was a Pink Friday indeed, I headed down to Selfridges before the doors opened to Minaj's Barbz to check out the UK launch of her debut fragrance 'Pink Friday'. I have to (embarrislingy) admit that I am a little bit of a sucker for a celebrity fragrance and this is another one to add to the collection. Eccentric bottle aside, the fragrance itself is typically something I would wear. In some ways it reminds me very much of Juicy Couture's - Viva La Juicy, which I am sure some of you by now, know is my daily fragrance. Pink Friday is sweet, girly and berry infused but beautifully balanced with tones of musk and a hint of vanilla (which is always a winner for me). I  sprayed this scent on my wrist at 8.30 this morning, now as I write this after 6 pm and I can still smell the scent it's definitely lasted really well on my skin. 


Let's talk a little about the busty bottle, how could this be a Minaj fragrance without the famous pink wig! Couture by Minaj was an extra surprise for Nicki Minaj's UK fans which allows 30 lucky Barbz a day to receive a hand made costume to dress their Pink Friday bottles, these mini Minaj, collectable costumes are exclusive to Selfridges UK and the outfits change over the next four days! 

I must say dressing this bottle with the 'Duchess of Pink' outfit wasn't as easy as it looks, I did feel like a kid dressing her BARBIE doll! haha.. 
Will any of you be trying Pink Friday!? 

Pink Friday EDP is exclusive to Selfridges, check it out HERE

Lots of Love
Have a good weekend BARBZ


  1. How cool!
    I love the bottle. :D

  2. I am not going to lie the bottles are freaking me out a little bit :) but I too am a sucker for celebrity perfumes so I probably will be buying it


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